15 weeks, 6 days to complete my manuscript! Here’s a recent excerpt:


Chris had accepted a new position with his company just weeks before Sophia died. As part of his new contract, we were required to move to a small rural town in Southern Minnesota that, in my opinion, had nothing to offer a young, growing family. We were all dreading it and to cope with that dread, we were not discussing it. Chris had talked with the realtors on his own and one day, a “For Sale” sign appeared in the front yard.

On that day, Sophia was playing in the grass next to the sign. She was wearing her Baby Einstein outfit that my sister Padrin had given her from a cute boutique in Decorah, Iowa. The dried Fall leaves were dancing softly all around Sophia and she was mesmerized, giggling as she tried to catch them and crumple them in her hands.

All I could think about was that damn “For Sale” sign. I got my camera and returned to the front yard, shuffling backwards into the street to capture the sadness and unfairness of it all.

The camera kept capturing that “For Sale” sign, while Sophia played just outside of the frame.

I had no idea I was focused on the wrong thing.